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Virtual Nursing

Changing Care Delivery
In a healthcare environment where nurses are stretched thin, facing burnout, and coping with increased patient acuity, the need for innovative solutions has never been more urgent. Virtual Nursing is not just a remedy for staffing shortages; it represents a paradigm shift that liberates experienced nurses, provides crucial support, and transforms the patient care landscape. Let's explore how Virtual Nursing can revolutionize healthcare operations, offering a lifeline to both patients and healthcare professionals.

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How Virtual Nursing Is Changing Care Delivery and Driving Operational Efficiencies for Healthcare Organizations


This whitepaper delves into the transformative power of Virtual Nursing, aiming to elevate patient care by alleviating the burden on bedside nurses and redefining operational efficiencies.


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Virtual Nursing – Improving Operational Efficiencies

Can virtual nursing optimize your existing resources and assist with the recruitment and retention of nursing staff? Join Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions and a panel of industry experts for an insightful conversation on the obstacles and opportunities associated with virtual nursing.

During this session, we’ll provide responses to the following questions:

  • Why venture into virtual nursing?
  • What essential capabilities are required to support a virtual nursing program?
  • What key attributes define an effective virtual nurse?
  • What challenges may arise when implementing a virtual nursing program?


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Webinar Speakers

Angie Stevens (Moderator)

Chief Strategy Officer, Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions

As CSO, Angie expands the notable success of Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions to the broader market, allowing healthcare organizations to leverage technology, services, and learnings from some of the largest national telehealth providers. Angie leverages her previous experience as a virtual care/telehealth leader, overseeing the design, development, deployment, and support of market leading programs for video visits, remote patient monitoring, online physical therapy and more. She’s known for her ability to synthesize market, clinical, operational, and financial requirements, leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness in care delivery. Angie holds an MBA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

Gerard Frunzi (Panelist)

Director of Virtual Care, CommonSpirit Health (Formerly Centura Health)

Gerard Frunzi is the Director of Virtual Care at Centura Health, a hospital system comprised of Common Sprit facilities. There he drives growth with the development of tele-enabled clinical care protocols, strategic planning, and integrated tele-service offerings. He received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Metro State College of Denver and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado Denver. Gerard is leading the operational transformation of clinical services to be offered via Telehealth across Colorado, Kansas, and Utah.

Margie Greenfield, PTA, MS, CHES (Panelist)

Program Manager, SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital

Margie Greenfield has been part of the SUNY Upstate Medical University team since 2011 where she has held multiple roles both clinically and non-clinically. Most recently, Margie joined Information Management Technology as a Program Manager where she is responsible for leading enterprise-wide telehealth initiatives. Margie has earned her Master's in Community Health and a Bachelor of Science in Health Education.

Denise Hauca, RN (Panelist)

Clinical Lead, Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions

Denise Hauca brings over 25 years of healthcare and virtual care experience in a variety of clinical positions across multiple care settings. Drawing on her background as registered nurse and clinical subject matter expert, Iron Bow leverages Denise’s expertise in virtual health program strategy and design to support care solutions across the care continuum for Iron Bow’s clients. Denise is skilled in partnering with specialty physicians, general practitioners, institutions, and other healthcare professionals to build long-term relationships.

Discover Virtual Nursing

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