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Strengthen the Care Continuum

Digital Health Goes Beyond Remote Patient Care

It has the power to bring together the entire healthcare continuum: connecting the ambulance and the hospital, pulling in specialists for immediate consults, and linking primary care doctors from rehab facilities to wellness checks in patients' homes. 

IronMed helps break down technology, processes, and business silos to bring the entire care team together along the patient journey. 

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Success Story

Supporting Patients at Sea, In Facilities, and at Home

At the onset of COVID-19, this military entity recognized the need for a digital health solution for corpsmen and families at sea, in facilities, and at home. They needed to roll out a solution at-scale and required agile architecture with highly available connectivity.

In September 2020, Iron Bow assembled a highly complementary team and implemented a customized solution for the customer in just nine days. This helped provide immediate onboarding for 200 physicians and 50,000 patients.

With the help of Iron Bow, the customer saw:

  • 99.99% System Availability
  • 100 % SLA Adherence
  • 10 seconds Average Speed of Answer

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