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Telehealth Devices

Breakthrough solutions for every digital health need

Why Choose IronMed Devices?

IronMed's telehealth devices include everything you need for remote clinical evaluation, observation and monitoring, as well as portable exam administration. All of these are seamlessly compatible with IronMed software.

Clinical Evaluation

CLINiC™ is an all-in-one device that enables remote video consultation in any clinical setting. Specialists can confer directly with patients or fellow providers using the video conferencing screen and even conduct routine examinations using available connected scopes and peripherals. CLINiC™ features an intuitive icon-based user interface to make starting and joining calls simple. Plus, it easily integrates with all EMR.

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Observation and Communication

MedViewTM delivers advanced, cost-effective telehealth capabilities to patient rooms in all types of care facilities including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, urgent care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, physician practice offices, and more.

Portable Exam Administration

MEDiC™ extends telehealth functionality to the field, with a portable, lightweight and ruggedized device that’s operational anywhere there’s a wireless or cellular signal. It’s ideal for mobile telehealth applications including ambulatory care, community-based healthcare, and K-12 education.



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