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Portfolio Director

Alex Mujica

Alex Mujica is a dedicated Portfolio Director working in tandem with the Office Of Connected Care. As a strategic visionary, Alex provides leadership and direction for a myriad of services, including Application Development, Project Management, the OCC Help Desk, Telehealth Solutions, AI Machine Learning, Outreach and Training, Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD), and VA Mobile infrastructure.
For the past seven years, Alex's innovative mindset and visionary leadership have pioneered several groundbreaking solutions. These innovations have been instrumental in enabling the Office of Connected Care to revolutionize virtual health care and enhance accessibility for veterans.
With over 22 years of extensive knowledge and expertise, Alex has cemented his role as a reliable advisor and an innovative leader for the Office of Connected Care. Prior to his tenure at Iron Bow, Alex has distinguished himself in various leadership positions at Time Warner and Cisco. His versatile experience in healthcare solutions, enterprise infrastructure architecture, and application designs uniquely equip him to develop comprehensive solutions across a wide range of technologies.
Alex has spearheaded several initiatives in partnership with the Office of Connected Care, supporting the Anywhere-to-Anywhere initiative and VA Office of Connected Care solutions. He played a pivotal role in the public launch of the Virtual Care capabilities, demonstrated live on national television from the White House, with the President of the United States and the Secretary of the VA in attendance.
Driven by passion, energy, and commitment, Alex strives to leverage technology to enhance virtual care value. His primary goal is to empower patients with access to quality care, no matter the distance.