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Reliable. Fast Connectivity.

A wireless network is a key enabler of modern healthcare. Networks must be designed to deliver reliable, fast connectivity for high bandwidth and real time applications. Devices themselves must be configured to take advantage of the best wireless connection available at any one time. Iron Bow understands the critical nature of wireless in healthcare settings. Using an assessment-oriented approach we review your wireless LAN technology requirements as well as current state. We can determine the technologies and protocols that will ensure your wireless network provides secure connectivity for medical devices, administrative support and guest access – ensuring that you are leveraging wireless capabilities to the fullest extent now and for the future.

Icon: Wireless assessment
Wireless assessment
Icon: WiFi installation and optimization
WiFi installation and optimization
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Software-defined WAN

Iron Bow in Action


Decades of experience working with healthcare organizations combined with the latest knowledge in software-defined technology ensures that deployment happens efficiently and effectively.


Technology solutions are chosen with business and mission goals in mind. One size does not fit all.


We look at key pain points and design a solution to save money, increase efficiency and reduce complexity.


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