For Greater Patient Outcomes

A telehealth program can only be as successful as its usage and adoption within the organization. There are many keys to enable a high rate of adoption and Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions is committed to supporting you while meeting this objective. Experience has shown that a programmatic and comprehensive approach to the implementation, inclusive of consultation and training services will yield far greater outcomes for the provider, support staff and patients.

As such, Iron Bow offers a series of clinical and adoption services to assist organizations with the development and deployment of a new program as well as services to assist in the adoption and consumption within existing programs.



Provides a range of services from a comprehensive telehealth needs assessment through clinical adoption support. Each consultation is customized to the needs of the individual organization. Key services include:

  • Clinical workflow analysis
  • Defining clinical needs
  • Identification of key staffing and resources
  • Optimizing telehealth equipment
  • Defining information technology infrastructure requirements
  • Risk and compliance profiles
  • Education of telehealth laws and regulations, including the billing component of the program



Provides a suite of training offerings to support the telehealth program during implementation and sustainment. Examples of training offerings include:

  • Initial telehealth program: Training to support individuals involved in the deployment of a new program. This training familiarizes users with new telehealth equipment, educates them on presenting a patient in a live telehealth consultation and teaches video teleconferencing etiquette. Available on-site or virtually.
  • Ongoing training support and marketing awareness of the telehealth program within your organization.
  • Customized training services are available to meet the unique needs of any organization or program.



In partnership with the National School of Applied Telehealth, Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions offers several courses to assist individuals with orientation and education on the essentials of telehealth. All courses are available online.

  • Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter (CTCP)
    Designed so its graduates will have the skills to correctly and confidently present patients during virtual encounters with physicians and a variety of specialists.
  • Certified Telehealth Coordinator (CTC)
    Designed so its graduates will have the skills to correctly and confidently coordinate virtual encounters with physicians and a variety of specialists.
  • Certified Telehealth Liaison (CTL)
    Designed so its graduates will have the telehealth skills and knowledge required to successfully serve as a leader, promoter and marketer in the telehealth industry.
  • Scheduling and Accreditation Services
    Telehealth has applications in many markets including health systems, retail, urgent care clinics, community care and many others. Each market has unique needs, with some having limited capabilities related to the scheduling and accreditation process.

For those organizations and markets in need of this support, Iron Bow offers the following services:

  • Verification of physician credentials
  • Patient and physician scheduling
  • Patient intake and consent forms
  • Workflow of telehealth appointments