Connected Care

The Iron Bow Cloud Video service provides a secure, high quality, easy to use platform, which enables video consultations and content sharing between originating sites and the provider network. The Iron Bow video platform is a hosted and fully managed service, eliminating the need for investment in on-site video infrastructure and works on any device from smartphones to telehealth carts to conference room systems. This service includes 24x7x365 support from Iron Bow’s Client Service Center (CSC).


Iron Bow’s Cloud Video service is fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant. The service ensures the privacy of all audio and video calls by enabling (by default) encrypted signaling using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Transport Layer Security (TLS) and encrypted media using Secure Real Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for all communications on audio and video. SIP signaling communication over TLS prevents access to any sensitive information from an unauthorized third party and provides a secure method of exchanging keys for SRTP media encryption which ensures privacy of all data (audio, video and presentations) sent using the Iron Bow Cloud Video service.



The Iron Bow Cloud Video service consists of five SSAE16 redundant data centers in North America and eighteen globally. All components are running on dedicated servers or appliances in a fully redundant configuration resulting in uptimes in excess of 99.9%. Smart Roaming and Quality of Service (QoS) ensure low latency and the highest quality video call available.



Iron Bow’s Cloud Video service allows you to begin with as little as one license and expand as your telehealth needs grow. Whether one health care provider needs video access to a telehealth endpoint or an entire health system requires access, we have a licensing model to fit your needs. Larger organizations can benefit from cost savings associated with our enterprise licensing options.



A standards-based service ensures you can access the service from different applications, devices, networks and systems. Participants can join calls from any standards-based video system or application, allowing organizations to take advantage of existing investments and industry standard offerings.