IronMed Services

Beyond Technology.

A Comprehensive Approach to Digital Health.

Effective digital health requires much more than just technology. That’s why our IronMed service offering combines groundbreaking technology with the proven services needed for successful integration, adoption, and engagement.

Together with best-of-breed partners, we help you formulate and execute a customized, holistic digital health strategy, including managed program services, technology integration, training, marketing, and operational services such as system monitoring and technical support.

Why Choose Our Services?

With Iron Bow Healthcare’s holistic approach, your entire digital health offering can be managed in a one-stop-shop, including all vendors, services, and support. Instead of struggling with new technology and processes, you can focus on your core mission: helping patients achieve more positive health outcomes. 

Iron Bow Healthcare's Holistic Approach

Strategy & Vision

  • Strategic Planning – Assist with development of overall digital health strategy supporting clinical and operational goals.
  • Optimization – Establish relevant metrics to clearly identify opportunities for cost efficiencies and program improvement.
  • Innovation – Continuously seek and evaluate creative ways to solve emerging clinical and business needs.

Program Services

  • Program Management – Seamlessly coordinate across projects, products and other strategic initiatives.
  • Project Management – Direct day-to-day logistical tasks within established timelines and budget.
  • Product Management – Develop long-term product solutions that better align with strategic goals.
  • Vendor Management – Contract and oversight of third-party vendors, ensuring all deliverables are met and in compliance with SLAs.
  • Activation and Implementation – Implement software, processes and operational workflows while managing system roll-out.
  • Configuration Management – Manage, validate and promote configuration changes in alignment with client needs.
  • Workflow Management – Design, develop and deploy clinical and operational workflows that empower end users to complete their daily work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Change Management – Plan, validate and implement system changes in alignment with policies and schedule.

Technology Management

  • Architecture Design – Technical design of software, hardware, interfaces, security, data, and more a comprehensive telehealth ecosystem.
  • Security – Ensure all solutions maintain compliance with HIPAA and other security requirements.
  • Custom Development – Design, develop, deploy and maintain customized software.
  • Installation – Install hardware, software, devices, and more.
  • Integration – Design, develop, deploy and manage application and data integrations to support a seamless user experience.
  • Release Management – Oversee software releases including planning, testing and deploying applications.

Managed Operational Services

  • Proactive Monitoring – Continuous automated monitoring of network, systems, devices, and more to proactively address issues ensure the highest availability possible.
  • Warehousing, Kitting & Device Management – Store, package, distribute, and track devices including clinical carts, remote patient monitoring devices, clinician hardware, and more.
  • 24/7/365 Support – Access to live customer support, for both clinicians and patients, ensuring timely resolution of any issues.
  • Disaster Recovery – Plan and test customized disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
  • Warranty Management – Track and resolve all hardware/software/device warranty issues.

Adoption & Training

  • Clinical Adoption Services – Develop and implement custom plans to maximize adoption and use of new systems and processes.
  • Marketing & Communications – Design and deliver documentation, collateral, and other promotional materials to generate awareness of new solutions for both clinicians and patients.
  • Managing KPIs – Establish measurable performance indicators to demonstrate success and drive business decisions.
  • Ongoing Education – Provide timely and contextually relevant training and materials for clinicians and patients.

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