Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Improving Patient Care

What happens outside of medical office or telehealth appointments plays a vital role in healthcare outcomes.

Iron Bow’s advanced, virtual care platform empowers patients and their caregivers while providing their trusted clinicians with real-time, aggregated health data and analytics that can scale to multiple clinical programs.

IronMed RPM is all inclusive of your software, services, and device needs. You no longer need multiple vendors to provide your digital healthcare solution.

Benefits of IronMed RPM

For Patients

•Freedom and empowerment to take control of their
• Peace of mind that certified caregivers are providing
oversight and appropriate intervention.
• Access to training programs and evidence-based
• Improved quality of life with reduced risk of

For Caregivers

• Shift from episodic to continuous care for greater
patient/caregiver collaboration.
• Deeper insights to make the right interventions at the
right time.
• Better patient adherence to treatment plans leading to
improved clinical outcomes.
• Drive operational efficiency, allowing caregivers to
manage a broader population of patients in less time
with more accurate data.

Example Use Cases

RPM has demonstrated success in support of patients with chronic conditions and preventing those at risk from developing costly chronic conditions.


Use of glucometers in addition to patient-entered data to improve health of people with diabetes.


As a growing condition, management of hypertension
using blood pressure cuffs brings a new awareness
to people with high blood pressure.

Weight Management

As a contributing factor to multiple chronic conditions, the weight scale can be used alone or in combination with other devices to help people manage their health.


Combined with regular Telehealth virtual visits, the pulse oximeter is used to monitor and grade the severity of acute asthma in patients.

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