MedView ™ is designed to deliver enterprise telehealth capabilities to each patient room at unparalleled affordability. MedView’s small form factor design couples with the existing in-patient room infotainment screen for the display of the video consultation. Specific applications include:

    • Patient Monitoring/E-sitting
    • Multi-speciality Visits
    • General Consultations
    • Tele ICU
    • E-Rounding
    • Virtual Family Visits
  • Care Coordination
  • Patient Education

MedView can be used in hospital settings as well as skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, urgent care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, physician practice offices and countless other care settings.

Improve Outcomes in Complex Care

MedView transforms health systems’ care delivery models to realize the benefits of virtual care.

  • Engage patient and family for care decisions
  • Facilitate multispecialty, multidisciplinary clinical collaboration
  • Increase provider efficiencies through ease of use and easy access to patients
  • Optimize access to hospital resources (care coordinators, case managers and other staff)


  • Designed to function with existing infotainment displays
    • Incoming video calls receive priority over infotainment content
  • Integrates with industry leading EHRs
  • Small compact form factor
    • Hermetically sealed, high-grade fanless computer to ensure 24/7 reliability
    • 10x optical/10x digital PTZ camera
    • Integrated quad infra-red illumination designed for low light patient monitoring
    • Integrated audio with echo cancelling
    • Camera privacy mode when not in active call