Mobile Exam Device Case – MEDiC ™ – for Telehealth

The Mobile Exam Device Case (MEDiC ™) brings healthcare to the field and provides a wide spectrum of telehealth services in a portable, lightweight and ruggedized platform. The MEDiC is architected to support clinical consultations where mobile telehealth applications including ambulatory care, community-based healthcare, K-12 and many others can be used to enhance patient care and medical access.


Features & Benefits

  1. External AC power inlet
  2. Shoulder strap/enhanced mobility
  3. 12.5” LCD high resolution screen
  4. Custom foam insert
  5. Audio speakerphone
  6. Cable storage
  7. JEDMED dermscope
  1. JEDMED otoscope
  2. JEDMED insufflator bulb
  3. JEDMED Horus Scope
  4. JEDMED general scope
  5. Littman Electronic Stethoscope
  6. Antimicrobial keyboard
  7. USB keyboard port


The MEDiC is housed in a customized hardened case with an integrated power supply, cord management system and shoulder strap for enhanced mobility.


Informational Videos