Operationalize at Scale

Operationalize at Scale

It’s Time to Move Beyond Pilot Programs

IronMed is a different type of digital health solution. It goes beyond simply deploying devices to focus on a holistic implementation that augments the traditional care model. Now, digital health is a natural extension of your everyday care, not a bolted-on, siloed offering.

With high-touch support and solutions designed by former practitioners, we help you modify existing workflows, achieve internal buy-in, and train staff, so you can operationalize at scale and finally achieve lasting digital transformation. 

Success Story: Getting Care to 2.2 Million Patients

For over a decade, Iron Bow and this government entity worked hand-in-hand to create the future of digital health. Through such partnerships, this organization continues to expand access to care beyond the traditional office visit and help healthcare professionals tend to patients regardless of where they are.