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Angie Stevens Headshot

Angie Stevens

Chief Strategy Officer

Angie is known for reliably implementing innovative technology at scale and brings extensive healthcare experience in launching new products and services to the market for Kaiser Permanente, McKesson Health Solutions and the TriZetto Group.

As CSO, Angie will expand the notable success of Iron Bow Health Solutions to the broader market, allowing healthcare organizations to leverage technology, services and learnings from some of the largest national telehealth providers.  She will be a key resource working in partnership with our existing and future clients to transform care delivery at scale.

Prior to Iron Bow, Angie served as the national leader for Telehealth/Virtual Care at Kaiser Permanente, overseeing the design, development, deployment and support of market leading programs for video visits, remote patient monitoring, online physical therapy and more.  She’s known for her ability to synthesize market, clinical, operational and financial requirements, leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness in care delivery.

Some of Angie’s most notable achievements include leading the design and implementation of seamlessly integrated video visits nationwide at Kaiser Permanente, allowing over 15,000 clinicians to continue delivering care through the pandemic with minimal disruption.  She also spearheaded the development of a national remote patient monitoring platform with demonstrated improvement in operational efficiency and clinical outcomes.  From a business operations perspective, she has led large software and services portfolios to profitability by securing recurring revenue, while improving overall operational efficiency. Her ability to think big picture, while executing at scale, positioned her as a recipient of the Fierce Innovation Award and Digital Edge25.

Angie holds an MBA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.