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IronCare Services

Managed Services – Focus on care not technology

Through Iron Bow’s IronCare™ offerings, we are uniquely positioned to not only provide telehealth solutions but to monitor and maintain them as well. Iron Bow can assume responsibility for the management of your telehealth technology including security updates and patching, software updates, help desk and troubleshooting as well as warranty management.

Icon: 24x7x365 phone support
24x7x365 phone support
Icon: Redundant locations in the U.S.
Redundant locations in the U.S.
Icon: Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics
Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics

Advance Replacement Warranty (ARW)

Iron Bow offers an advance replacement warranty that allows for the delivery of a replacement unit prior to the return of your unit. You can also enable Iron Bow staff to remotely troubleshoot and diagnose network connectivity and unit performance.  This level of support allows Iron Bow to quickly evaluate the root cause of a problem and reduce your involvement in troubleshooting.  There is no additional charge for this level of service, but you will need to initially work with our technical team to set up the required diagnostic tools. 

Icon: Advanced replacement of unit with second business day delivery
Advanced replacement of unit with second business day delivery
Icon: Pre-paid shipping for replacement and returning unit
Pre-paid shipping for replacement and returning unit

Managed Telehealth

For telehealth program success, patients and providers require technologies to always perform as expected.  Iron Bow understands medical workflows and the critical nature of healthcare environments. The IronCare support team streamlines the deployment and management of telehealth solutions while optimizing device-related costs and reducing enterprise risk.

IronCare Monitoring – continuous monitoring of your device, power conditions and unit behavior to ensure top performance and identify potential problems before they can affect the user experience. Our 24/7/365 service team in Chantilly, VA, utilizes advanced network and device monitoring tools to immediately evaluate the observed conditions and will inform you of any potential problem.

IronCare Maintenance – configuration management ensures updates and patches are deployed to avoid security and user experience problems. Additionally, quarterly equipment status reports provide a summary of completed activity and actions outstanding. 

IronCare Deployment – on-site installation/replacement services relieve IT staff and ensure rapid and reliable deployment. This service includes unpacking and setting up the unit, testing performance, configuring WiFi and ensuring connectivity to the Iron Bow Client Support Center.  The service tech will also provide training as needed for local staff.

IronCare Cloud Video – a secure platform for rapidly enabling high-quality video consultations between endpoints, video conference rooms and patients.

Managed Wireless

Wi-Fi connections are mission critical for both daily work and guest networks. Ensuring that wireless equipment is available, connectivity remains consistent and capacity is ready to support increasing enterprise requirements is a continuous effort. IronCare Managed Wireless provides a comprehensive solution for wireless networks to ensure availability, performance and scalability to meet day-to-day and future demands.

Icon: Drive user satisfaction
Drive user satisfaction
Icon: Enable faster technology refresh
Enable faster technology refresh
Icon: Control costs
Control costs

Managed Networking

With today’s networks stretching beyond the enterprise to incorporate mobile, cloud and IoT, IT teams need a broader base of expertise to manage the diverse technology sets. IronCare Managed Network maintains these environments including campus environments, software defined networking, fabric switching and traditional LAN/WAN.

Icon: Increase operational efficiency
Increase operational efficiency
Icon: Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Icon: Enable faster technology refresh
Enable faster technology refresh


Iron Bow is uniquely positioned with deep technical knowledge across the IT lifecycle as well as an understanding of how healthcare organizations operate. Using this, we are able to partner with our clients to determine best fit technologies as well as provide direction on technical implementation and user acceptance.

Icon: Training
Icon: User Acceptance
User Acceptance
Icon: 5-Point Telehealth Assessment
5-Point Telehealth Assessment

Iron Bow in Action