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Information Technology

Making technology investments work for providers and patients

Iron Bow transforms technology investments into business capabilities. Our strength lies in the decades of experience providing IT solutions for healthcare organizations. Iron Bow has partnerships and certifications with leading manufacturers and a deep understanding of how a wide variety of technology solutions can work in a healthcare environment. We are flexible in the deployment of technology, meeting the needs of any size organization and tailoring solutions to specific use cases to drive immediate impact on the way care is delivered. Our team is laser focused on improving patient care and outcomes. We design solutions that will be used by providers and patients to enhance care options.


Telehealth has moved from a nice to have to a need to have. Healthcare organizations need ways to collaborate across locations and providers to deliver holistic care for patients. Being able to meet with patients in their homes rather than offices extends the impact providers can have on well-being as well as opening up new revenue streams for healthcare systems. Iron Bow has been working with healthcare organizations for over 20 years to introduce telehealth solutions that providers and patients alike want to use.

Icon: Audio and Video Conferencing
Audio and Video Conferencing
Icon: Audio Visual Solutions
Audio Visual Solutions
Icon: Collaboration Applications
Collaboration Applications
Icon: IP Video and Telephony
IP Video and Telephony
Icon: Telehealth


The wireless network is a key enabler of modern healthcare. Networks must be designed to deliver reliable connectivity for high bandwidth and real time applications. Devices themselves must be configured to take advantage of the best wireless connection available at any one time. Iron Bow understands the critical nature of wireless in healthcare settings and using an assessment-oriented approach we review your wireless LAN technology requirements and current state. We can determine the technologies and protocols that will ensure your wireless network provides secure connectivity for medical devices, administrative support and guest access – ensuring that you are leveraging wireless capabilities to the fullest extent. 

Icon: Wireless assessment
Wireless assessment
Icon: WiFi installation and optimization
WiFi installation and optimization


Cloud is transforming IT with significantly reduced upfront costs, increased productivity and lowered burden of IT management. We understand healthcare organizations have questions around security and the general logistics of moving to the cloud. Iron Bow can help you determine the IT services delivery model that best suits your organization and care goals. We can help you choose and migrate to solutions that meet HIPAA and HITECH guidelines. We have the technical and domain expertise to help you do it right, and do it securely.

Icon: Automation Solutions
Automation Solutions
Icon: Enabling Private Cloud
Enabling Private Cloud
Icon: Hybrid Applications
Hybrid Applications


The network is the backbone of your IT system. Yet, it may be the oldest part of your infrastructure. Today’s networks are more extensive than ever before – stretching beyond the enterprise to incorporate mobile, cloud and IoT. With this expansion, IT teams need more flexibility and a single view of traffic to ensure performance measures and expectations are met. Iron Bow looks at the network in the context of the care you provide.

Icon: Data Center Networking
Data Center Networking
Icon: LAN/WAN Infrastructure
LAN/WAN Infrastructure
Icon: Software-defined Networking (SDN)
Software-defined Networking (SDN)
Icon: Software-defined WAN
Software-defined WAN
Icon: Wireless Networking
Wireless Networking
Icon: Programmability – Orchestration + Automation
Programmability – Orchestration + Automation

Cyber Security

Healthcare organizations hold information and access that is particularly valuable to cyber criminals. From ransomware attacks to hacking for personal information to malicious virus attacks, healthcare IT systems have to be ready for it all. Iron Bow’s comprehensive approach to cyber security looks at the whole of the system and takes into account how your users access and use data. We design solutions to achieve resiliency by minimizing risk and maximizing technology investments.

Icon: Data Protection
Data Protection
Icon: Network and Endpoint Defense
Network and Endpoint Defense
Icon: Policy Enforcement
Policy Enforcement
Icon: Remediation and Response
Remediation and Response
Icon: Threat Visibility
Threat Visibility

Digitization + IoT

The healthcare industry is an early adopter of the Internet of Things (IoT) via the development of new telehealth technologies, accessories and applications that have been deployed over the past decade. The next step toward digitization is making sense of all of the new data being captured by these smart devices.  Iron Bow draws on decades of both healthcare and networking experience to help clients evolve their systems to accept these additional streams of data and turn them into actionable insight. The contextual awareness gained when assets can be tracked the same way as data files, holds incredible promise for more efficient and effective management and patient outcomes.

Icon: Asset Security
Asset Security
Icon: Data Correlation and Analytics
Data Correlation and Analytics
Icon: Sensors and Data Collection
Sensors and Data Collection
Icon: Smart Infrastructure
Smart Infrastructure
Icon: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Mobility + End User Devices

Mobile devices in a healthcare setting go far beyond phone and tablets. They include telehealth carts, monitors and more. Iron Bow works with you to meet the mobile demands securely and efficiently. We address the most critical security and management issues creating a springboard for a more mature and evolved system in the future.

Icon: Application Modernization
Application Modernization
Icon: Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management
Icon: Secure Mobile Solutions
Secure Mobile Solutions
Icon: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Data Center

New applications and technologies are transforming the expectations we have of our IT, requiring the data center to keep pace with this evolution. Understanding the unique needs of medical records and data, Iron Bow’s data center experts develop efficient infrastructures to give you better access to and the ability to work with the data you have.

Icon: Device Lifecycle Services
Device Lifecycle Services
Icon: Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Icon: Private Cloud Infrastructure
Private Cloud Infrastructure
Icon: Data Protection
Data Protection
Icon: Virtualization and Automation
Virtualization and Automation
Icon: Big Data and Analytics
Big Data and Analytics

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