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Grant Support for Telehealth Initiatives

Enabling Adoption of Telehealth

Develop, expand or enhance your telehealth programs leveraging grants to enable:

Immediate access to providers and specialists, reducing the need for in-person visits to medical facilities
Connection to family and friends for patients restricted from receiving visitors
Security for doctors, enabling no-contact options for evaluations and routine patient care

Government-backed and private grants are now readily available to assist providers in implementing virtual care solutions. These sources of funding are a great opportunity for healthcare organizations to implement and expand on their virtual care offerings. However, finding the right expertise to successfully submit for these funds can be daunting. Where to start, how to plan for and implement can be difficult, resulting in money left on the table by some organizations that may be most in need.

We recognize this gap and are here to help.  Iron Bow has an experienced team with a proven track record of developing winning grant applications.  We draw on our decades of expertise deploying effective and efficient telehealth programs for organizations of all sizes and use cases. Grant providers, programs or institutions are looking for applications that define objectives and outcomes as well as a clear plan for implementation, roll out, adoption and maintenance. Our combination of grant writing and technical expertise ensure our submitted applications meet all compliance standards and lay out a strategic and realistic plan for funding use for today and the future.

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Grant Development for Telehealth

Through key partnerships we provide a full range of services:


Finding and securing public and private funding


Developing, writing and assistance with the submission of the grant application


Assistance with funding draw-down and consultative services on compliance and reporting

For more information on how Iron Bow can help you with Grant initiatives, please contact us.


Providing proven experience to get grant funding for the right technology solutions for your environment.


Ensuring telehealth solutions will work for your needs today and into the future.


Providing guidance and support to get the funding for telehealth solutions that can be up and running as a sustainable resource for patient care.