Enhance Patient Outcomes

Enhance Patient Outcomes

Telehealth That Puts the Patient in Control

That’s IronMed, from Iron Bow Healthcare. The IronMed ecosystem includes breakthrough devices along with a powerful software platform and tailored support. It empowers patients to actively engage with their healthcare. It connects their care providers for continuous collaboration, not one-off episodic care. And it puts the patient back where they belong: in control of their healthcare on a daily basis.

With IronMed, patients can be proactive and purposeful with their healthcare decisions and, ultimately, that means better health outcomes through reduced admissions and readmissions. 

Success Story: Facilitating Telehealth at Children’s Hospital

Iron Bow Healthcare was selected to provide 168 telehealth units integrated with 55” televisions to create a fully immersive audio and video experience- supporting one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals.