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Cyber Security

Minimize Risk. Maximize Investment.

Healthcare organizations hold information and access that is particularly valuable to cyber criminals. From ransomware attacks to hacking for personal information to malicious virus attacks, healthcare IT systems have to be ready for it all. Iron Bow’s comprehensive approach to cyber security looks at the whole of the system and takes into account how your users access and use data. We design solutions to achieve resiliency by minimizing risk and maximizing technology investments.

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Data Protection
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Network and Endpoint Defense
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Policy Enforcement
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Remediation and Response
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Threat Visibility

Iron Bow in Action


In-depth knowledge on the latest attack methods and how to defend against them.


Customized cyber security reference architectures to meet healthcare-specific needs.


Laser-focused on developing solutions that reduce risk and enable modern IT practices.


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PDF | Cyber Security Overview

PDF | Threat Visibility

PDF | Network Vulnerability Assessment

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