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Enabling Remote Access

Cloud is transforming IT with significantly reduced upfront costs, increased productivity and lowered burden of IT management. We understand healthcare organizations have questions and concerns around security as well as the general logistics of moving to the cloud. Iron Bow can help you determine the IT services delivery model that best suits your organization, meets HIPAA and HITECH guidelines and delivers on your care goals.  Our technical and domain expertise guarantees your transition to the cloud is done correctly and securely.

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Automation Solutions
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Enabling Private Cloud
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Hybrid Applications


The need for speed and the pace of change in healthcare has never been greater. From enabling remote work to the rapid launch of telehealth services, to setting up pop up clinics, healthcare providers have a dizzying number of new challenges. Let Iron Bow help you bring it into focus and get you on target.

Introducing IronTarget™, an on-premises cloud solution that enables simplified, rapid deployment and central management of new, mission critical applications.

IronTarget Overview Video

Iron Bow in Action


Our team of technical and healthcare experts can help design the right cloud technologies and applications to meet budget and user needs.


With consumption pricing and a variety of service level options, we work with you to provide the customized support you need.


We are laser-focused on ensuring technology is meeting and exceeding your needs as well as supporting mission and goals.


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