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Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth can play a critical role in fast diagnosis and providing immediate access to specialists. The introduction of digital health solutions allows every hospital to have a stroke neurologist on call 24×7. Catching and treating strokes early is beneficial to both the individual patient and the healthcare system as a whole reducing the long term care needed for stroke victims.

A National TeleStroke Program (NTSP) has the goal of providing improved ways to deliver fast and accurate acute stroke evaluation and management across a federal health network. To support this effort, Iron Bow developed the Code Stroke app to give clinics and hospitals access to specialists that would not otherwise be available to them in order to provide better emergency stroke care.

For a large acute stroke, 1.9 million neurons die each minute. During a code stroke, the local care teams are rapidly performing testing and assessing patients in conjunction with the stroke neurologist to determine whether the “clot busting” drug Alteplase is appropriate. Alteplase must be given as soon as possible within the first few hours of stroke onset in order to reverse stroke symptoms, but it also carries the risk of life-threatening bleeding. Excellent communication between all team members is necessary for accurate assessment of the situation. The Code Stroke app provides a real-time, interactive stroke checklist to record and share accurate patient information between those treating the patient locally and the remote neurologist.


Technology expertise paired with healthcare experience ensures digital health solutions integrate into workflow as well as IT infrastructure.


We deliver multiple solutions across the care continuum with easy integration and interoperability.


Solutions are designed and deployed specifically for each healthcare environment.