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AWARE Contact Tracing Exchange

Safe, Secure, Effective

Iron Bow Healthcare Solutions is at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, implementing, managing and supporting virtual care solutions.

Knowmadics, Diveplane and Iron Bow have partnered together to launch the AWARE Contact Tracing Exchange. AWARE was developed to fight COVID-19 transmission, and boasts a distinct focus on maintaining best-in-class data privacy. The solution facilitates the accurate, effective and secure study of contact tracing data for healthcare companies and government agencies to assist in successfully slowing the spread of the virus.

Test, Track And Trace – Essential For The Future

AWARE—a turnkey, secure cloud solution—supports critical areas in public health. It is a test, track and trace system perfectly suited for testing centers and sites of care. AWARE provides secure, anonymized data and information for emergency response, analysis and other critical services.

Data Privacy—securely gathered and available for sharing, AWARE provides user, patient, location, and other data that is securely transported, processed and delivered through synthetic channels and completely anonymizes personally identifiable information (PII) to protect data privacy.

AWARE achieves data synthesis through a proprietary AI and synthetic data engine. This powerful resource allows sharing data internally or externally without fear of exposing confidentiality or the possibility of reverse engineering. The AWARE system safely unlocks the value of your data by creating a synthetic data ‘twin’ with all the statistical properties of your real data.

AWARE can create synthetic data that exactly represents certain features such as age ranges, gender, locations, products consumed, etc.


Contact tracing is foundational for reducing the ‘R-naught”—the number of new infections estimated to stem form a single case. The essential activity supports several goals:

Accurate and Secure

A proven, secure solution—based on proven technologies developed for government and high-scale industrial customers. AWARE is delivered through a DoD-level, secure cloud platform and can be deployed on any mobile device. AWARE integrates with a wide range of commercial, public health, medical and public safety systems with full Web and app-based dashboard status capability.

All testing, tracking, tracing, patient, location and other data is securely transported, processed and delivered through synthetic channels and protected with best-in-class anonymization to protect data privacy.

Contact Tracing features include:

Advanced options include:

Intuitive and Easy to Use graphic

Intuitive and Easy to Use

The AWARE dashboard reveals at-a-glance views of test results and trends including geospatial views to map and identify virus dense zones. Comprehensive reports detail patient records, test results and more. The AWARE application suite is a mobile-first solution—flexible access through smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

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