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5-Point Telehealth Assessment

Get a free 5-point assessment to optimize your strategy

Do you have the right technology in place to enable your telehealth strategy?

Iron Bow is an experienced industry leader in telehealth solutions, with a long history of providing IT lifecycle solutions in cloud, networking, collaboration, information security, data center, IoT and end user-device solutions. Pexip offers a secure, high-quality video platform that enables virtual visits from any device and location.

Collaboratively, we partner with you to leverage existing technology investments and map out a plan to create centralized and standardized solutions for financial and operation efficiencies, enabling you to deliver a standard of quality care to every patient. We ensure your solutions are workflow-centric, simple to deploy and easy to use.

Contact us for a free 5-point assessment of your current IT landscape and let us help you develop a plan to support your needs now and for a long-term.

The assessment addresses:

1. Interoperability and Simplicity

What systems and IT investments exist today? Is your telehealth solution easy to use for both providers and patients? Is your video solution device-agnostic, allowing patients and providers to connect with the devices they already have? Does your solution integrate into existing and future workflows and your IT environment?

2. Scalability

Can your solution scale to meet sudden changes in demand? Does your network allow for sharp increase in use/bandwidth? Do you have the IT staff and resources to scale as your virtual care demands fluctuate?

3. Integration and Standardization

Is your virtual care program integrated with existing tools and workflows? Are your systems and solutions standardized to utilize legacy investments to full capacity?

4. Security

What standards and privacy requirements need to be considered? What certifications or user access needs will you have? Do you have appropriate control over your data, usage and deployment?

5. Adoption and Enablement

Do you have a plan to educate and train providers and patients on new or existing telehealth solutions? How will you measure utilization and benchmark success?

Together, Iron Bow and Pexip can help you build and deliver a powerful telehealth program that’s ready for anything.

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